The UK and Australian #CyberSecurityNetworks foster communication and collaboration toward #CyberInnovation #DisruptingCybercrime. Our approach is to bring together a range of stakeholders and engage in real conversations.

With a UK and Australian perspective, and a management science and innovation lense, we genuinely care about local and global #CyberSecurity issues. We engage in understanding a cross-section of interests from policy setting, legal frameworks, and enforcement considerations to board concerns, disruptive technologies and practices, and community interests. 

Strong proponents of open frameworks and standards, we leverage platforms for research and education to understand, develop and promulgate evidence-based, good practice as it is, and as it may change over time.

Our customers and community work have included Universities, Associations, Businesses large and small, Innovators, Cybersecurity innovators, and Government entities.

For more about the CSNs’ work, see http://www.csns.co or contact us.