In cyber advisories and space agreements

In this month’s post:

It is world space week, and Britain and Australia have entered into a Space agreement as a framework for collaborative activities and the exchange of information, technology and personnel between both nations. In Australia it is also Stay smart online week: .

In Open Calls:

In defence, you may also be interested in the Contested Urban Environment experiment (or CUE 18), which brings together Five Eyes allied nations of the Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA has been testing some British AI technology for just in time information on the streets of Montreal.

In recently published frameworks,

You may also be interested in the

There are some updated cyber guidance and advisories locations, with the:

I also very much enjoyed charing the MGSM Alumni GLobal Impact Series in Brisbane on the topic of leadership in the beautiful museum of Brisbane, Brisbane city hall.

Enjoy the remainder of the month ahead.



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