Action on Cyber

In todays post: 


International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP has appointed senior Downing Street aide

Former Deputy Head of No. 10’s Policy Unit, Natalie Black as Queen’s Trade Commissioner for the Asia Pacific Region .


In ever strengthening ties,


You may also be interested in some guidance/ advisory updates



The NCSC has published some recent guidance on:

– Privileged Access Management models

– Guide to keeping small business safe

– An Interest Register for the cyber first bursary and degree


In further open calls:

– Innovate UK Women in innovation funding

– Dasa has updated its accelerator open call with focus areas:


You may also be interested in these developments in the burgeoning space arena with

– new National Aerospace Research Consortium (NARC), which aims to be a one-stop shop for the global market to access the UK’s leading academic aerospace minds and facilities

– The NESTA report on drones in cities which talks to sector specific interests also such as in health


I also very much enjoyed the privilege of being a part of the panel session for CloudSec 2018.


Enjoy the rest of your week.

Dr Sally Ernst

Moderator, Cyber Security Networks.

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