International Cybersecurity initiatives

In this month’s post:

In a classic example of convergence of land sea air space with cyber, a remote pilot on land leverages cyber to communicate with seaglider, a marine robot, undersea via satellite in space

Also of interest, may be:

  • Nato readiness evidence for cyber and hybrid warfare being taken by the Lords Select international relations committee: 
  • The Parliamentary Communications Committee inviting contributions to its new inquiry on the regulation of the internet: 


  • The Foreign Affairs Committee on the cross-Commonwealth dialogue around human rights, the rule of law and critical issues such as cyber security, data protection and online privacy: 


On the research front:


In another exemplary illustration of leveraging what exists, the NCSC posted this information on its collaboration with industry and associations to embed security, in this case – in retail: 


In some of my research in preparation for manufacturing week:

  • MAPP, the EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub, is offering funding for up to four feasibility studies to conduct novel research which closely aligns with the Hub’s core research programme: Powders by Design and Process by Design:


  • The UK construction industry was worth nearly £100 billion to the UK economy in 2016, and the Lords Committee has launched a new inquiry to consider the potential benefits of off-site manufacture for construction and any drawbacks and obstacles to its wider use. The Committee invites submissions: 


On the top of AI:


In international activity in Australia


That is it for this post: Join up thinking with us at these conferences where we will be speaking on the art of the Cyber Innovation Endeavour

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