ICO checklist for consultation, Fintech Bridge, and guidance publications

In this post: https://cybersecuritynetworks.org/2018/03/28/ico-checklist-for-consultation-fintech-bridge-and-guidance-publications/

The NCSC has variously published and highlighted guidance including,

Denial of service guidance

Webcheck scanning services, which are available to many entities in the uk,

– The cyber essentials accreditation,unified history as a scheme in the uk, and other resources

The international Fintech conference in London pushed the button on launching :

  • A new cryptoassets task force,
  • Next steps on moving the needle on ‘robo-regulation’ to make it faster and easier for fintech firms to follow complex regulations, and
  • The new UK-Australia ‘fintech bridge’ agreement signed at the conference by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Scott Morrison Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia

And, the ICO has published a checklist for organisations data protection impact assessments which is open for consultation:

I thought you may also be interested in these articles I came across in my reading on:


In preparation for the National Manufacturing Week conference  , in addition to the Secure by Design report for consumer IoT published by DCMS developed in collaboration with the NCSC, here is some interesting innovation reading noting that wafer semiconductor technology for more than half the world’s smart phones is manufactured in the UK and returning to the space domain, Lord’s visited the Harwell Space Cluster


Your insights are as ever appreciated.


Dr Sally Ernst

Moderator, #CybersecurityNetworks

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