Excellence in innovation in cyberspace and emerging regulation

In this, the first networks post of 2018, with ongoing posts occurring at our linkedin group: #CyberSecurityNetworks we highlight a number of emerging Regulatory Directives and Innovation Initiatives.


In the broader region and internationally,

I am very much looking forward to talking on manufacture in the corporate innovation endeavour, touching on cloud security considerations in this context of complex supply chains at the National Manufacturing Week Conference in May. As I research areas for this presentation, I will share some of the links I come across. This week, here’s a link to case studies I am reading from Innovate UK.  

On this note, there is Women in manufacturing event with AIGroup, and Department of State Development on the Sunshine Coast Wednesday. If you could make it or are interested in knowing more, please do get in touch. 


Lastly, for future frontiers, as the space act has passed into law in the uk thought possibly you may also find this view on space through the eyes of a Child enjoyable and enlightening.


Have a good week ahead.

Dr Sally Ernst

Moderator, #CybersecurityNetworks



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