entinno b.log – 30th August, 2017

I thought it could be time to name these posts!

entinno is our network brand that underscores ent-repreneurship and inno-vation toward lowering online insecurity and breach consequence.

Non-exhaustively, in this entinno (we)b.log:

On that note, I had the great honour of talking at the UN Young Professionals QLD division including interlinking the UN Goals with lowering online insecurity and breach consequence; and, note this interactive concept by Chatham House for data sharing that, too, points to the UN sustainable goals. In more UN news, UN Youth Australia completed its Evatt competition in Qld on a number of topics including cyber security.

In US news,

In the EU,

In the Asia-Pacific Region,

It was great to open CloudSEC2017 and deliver a talk for Macquarie University with Optus. Looking forward to talking at Cyber in Business Melbourne 26th October. More on events can be found at: http://www.csns.co/about-us/events and https://cyberglossary.co/press-and-events/

@DrSallyErnst, Moderator #CybersecurityNetworks

I info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst

Photography by Mel Messina

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