#PeriodicWrap – 13th August, 2017

It has been some time with no Periodic Wraps!

I thought you, too, may be interested in this brief post by Chatham House on international legal frameworks for cybercrime; and, the DCMS’ Cyber School’s Programme, which opened August.

NCSC has newly posted or underscored 8 bits of guidance I thought you too may be interested in, including not exhaustively:

  1. Active Cyber Defence – four programmes for the public sector 
  2. VPN guidance
  3. Infographic on lowering the impact of common breaches  
  4. Exec 10-step summary guide
  5. Infographic on industry buzzwords
  6. Guidance on what and what not to do on penetration testing
  7. Newly updated published list of Master’s degrees accredited by NCSC
  8. CISP back open for new applications

It may also be worth reviewing www.nomoreransome.org which lists the NCA and AFP among its supporters.

Of further note, is that drones are to be registered and users are to undertake safety awareness tests under new rules in the UK.

In the Asia-Pacific region, also not exhaustively, some reports of note have been released:

I’m very much looking forward to speaking on Securing Innovation: Delivering the Basics ecosystem-wide at Cloudsec Sydney conference next week. We have continued to be involved in a number of initiatives, which may be found here: http://www.csns.co/about-us/events and https://cyberglossary.co/press-and-events/.


@DrSallyErnst, Moderator #CyberSecurityNetworks

I info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst

Photography by Mel Messina

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