#PeriodicWrap – 23rd April, 2017

Firstly, we wish Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth and Patron of the @CPA_Secretariat, a very happy 91st Birthday: https://twitter.com/cpa_uk/status/855387488285863936

This past week, the Australian Government released its first annual update on its Cybersecurity Strategy; ACSGN released its Cybersecurity Sector Competitiveness plan; and, recently, I came across an update of CERT Australia’s roll out of the Joint Cyber Security Centres (JCSC) and their Brisbane Pilot Centre, including a fact sheet on the $47m JCSC project.

I have further recently come across an interesting article on the NCSC’s site about how organised crime works; as well as UK Government funding competitions open as part of DSTL’s Defence and Security Accelerator, including the Accelerator Enduring Challenge, and for last mile supply under its Accelerator Innovation competition

Elon Musk has started up Nueralink telepathy which reportedly aims to release within four years, and commercialise within the coming decade, linking human brains with computers enabling them to keep up with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. We further enjoyed a brilliant Artificial Intelligence Boardroom Briefing at the Innovation Centre, Sunshine Coast, 13th April, with some heavy-hitting local and international brainpower and insight shared in the room and via video conference. With thanks for your contribution and some photos below. I would also like to remember, at this point, Allan White of ThoughtWeb, who recently passed and is a highly regarded and well-respected stalwart of AI in Australia and internationally. On the same day of our Boardroom Briefing, the ABC released an an interesting article on AI including coverage of Sally the Salad Maker, which helps design calorie controlled salads and was particularly interesting in the context of our focus on Food and Agribusiness in the Boardroom Briefing. The point of the article was that AI is with us and accelerating into our daily lives. A point underscored and eloquently elaborated on by Kevin Kelly in a Singularity Hub article which talks to the cognification of things


Recently Apple reportedly submitted for a permit to start testing driverless cars that, according to reporting by Reuters, “will have the ability to capture and store relevant data before a collision occurs.” In further SmartTransport announcements, Tesla’s Elon Musk has reportedly announced it will unveil an electric articulated lorry in September and an electric pick-up truck within two years; and on a related note, Australia has released its smart cities and suburbs funding program. A further funding program announced by the Queensland Government (Australia) is for Queensland companies to trial products or service within government subject to eligibility criteria and initial due diligence. 

Swift recently released security controls guidance, the Swift Customer Security Controls Framework, as part of its customer security programme. While the internal documentation for customers are only available through customer login, it may be helpful to note some of the broader customer security framework and customer security programme information on the site. Swift also recently released its a new real-time payment controls service to complement and strengthen its customers’ existing fraud controls.

Australia, through the University of Canberra, is reportedly helping NASA with its efforts toward astronauts on Mars by studying ways to remedy loss of proprioception, that is the sense of movement. In further space news, Adelaide nano satellite company Fleet has reportedly raised $5 million in capital to launch 100 satellites in a constellation, to connect technology devices back on Earth. The UK, this past week, had its first coal-free day for generating electricity since the Industrial Revolution with a plan to cut coal by 2025 to reduce carbon emissions. The alternative energy sources used reportedly included natural gas, with about a quarter coming from nuclear plants.  Wind, biomass, and imported energy were reportedly also used.

I am very much looking forward to speaking at the Cybersecurity Leaders Summit in Sydney alongside some of our industry’s most highly regarded and well-respected stalwarts, which has been covered by InnovationAus as opening with Senator the Hon. Arthur Sinodonis, AO: : http://www.innovationaus.com/articles/894/Cybers-uncertain-career-paths/ and http://www.innovationaus.com/articles/907/Sinodinos-to-open-Cyber-Leaders/

As we look to our week ahead, here is information about running ANZAC Day services commemorating those who have served and died in war and on operational service: http://www.defence.gov.au/ceremonial/ANZACDayHandyHints.asp; and, links to 2017 services being held in Australia, New Zealand and the UK:

You may be interested to know, ‘the first time Anzac Day was commemorated in (the UK) was when King George V attended a Westminster Abbey service in 1916, a year after the Anzac … landings at Gallipoli’ http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-36128472.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap,

@DrSallyErnst, Moderator #CyberSecurityNetworks

I info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst


Photography by Mel Messina

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