#PeriodicWrap – 19th March, 2017

NIST has released its small business bulletin recognising the importance of of the sector to jobs and their creation, the economy and, so, the importance of its cybersecurity,  with the full guideline  NISTIR 7621 Revision 1 Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals. With thanks to Colin Renouf for sharing the notification.

I also note here from CSNs’ own findings that even for larger organisations, NIST’s work is an important piece that could engage a ‘multiplier effect’ given supply chain considerations and the tendency for directors and executives of larger organisations to sit on advisory boards, formal and informal mentor panels, and, invest in, and/or become non-executives of, smaller and entrepreneurial organisations,

In practice our experience in the field has further included that smaller businesses and entrepreneurial firms:

  • have integrated personal and business lives and so separation of devices is difficult,
  • that the IT advisor would be the one they would turn to for this information, and
  • that encryption, while important, can create interoperability issues when organisations, including larger ones, won’t allow some encrypted information into their organisations.

We are very interested in your experience, and sharing ours along with a representative panel of stakeholders, and have set up a webinar Tuesday 11th April, 2017. We invite you to register to further a discussion with a focus on addressing these and other cybersecurity and cyberinnovation issues for smaller businesses and supply chains of larger organisations: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/5d8b3cdf8cb68428cde7dc3c8da9331e . I hope the timing of this webinar is reasonable between UK and and Australian timezones – any and all feedback and ideas are as always greatly appreciated. If you would like to share the invitation with your own networks, please feel welcome to do so, and/or if you or your organisation would like to sponsor this or future webinars and research outputs for brand awareness, please do get in touch.

Further to our #PeriodicWrap of 5th March, 2017 on subsea robots, the BBC has reported that Southampton’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) trio of vehicles in its new Autosub Long Range class of underwater robots, Boaty McBoatface, which can stay undersea for months at a time, has started operations with its first mission leaving from Punta Arenas, Chile, to survey, with 3D pictures enabled by the submersible’s mobility and autonomy, the conditions of Orkney Passage, Antarctica.

In further SmartTransport news, California’s proposed regulations for driverless cars without human backup  have recently been opened up for comment and a public hearingOn this note, I am very much looking forward to moderating a security wave on SmartTransport at the CSO Perspectives Roadshow in Brisbane this Thursday 23rd March, 2017. CSNs is also supporting ConnectExpo and the 6th Annual Australian Fraud Summit where network can receive 10% discount. We are also supporting ConnectExpo where CSNs’ network can receive 10% discount using CSNS10 when registering; and, the 6th Annual Australian Fraud Summit also with a 10% discount by quoting WFXCS1.

Finally, we are very much looking forward to the #NatSec International Parliamentary Conference 28th-30th March and #CyberParl Cybersecurity Day 31st March with the release of the eHandbook for Parliamentarians less than a fortnight away.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap, here are some pictures from the opportunity to share our thoughts and insights highlighting the importance of cybersecurity in skills for the future on innovation and creativity with Parliamentarians the Hon. Andrew Wallace MP and the Hon. Andrew Laming MP, who were visiting the Innovation Centre, Sunshine Coast with University of the Sunshine Coast Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Birgit Lohmann and Innovation Centre CEO Mark Paddenburg along with a group of inspirational entrepreneurs, as the representatives of the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training conducting the Inquiry into Innovation and Creativity: Workforce for the new Australian economy.

@DrSallyErnst, Moderator #CyberSecurityNetworks

Photography by Mel Messina

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