#PeriodicWrap – 12th March, 2017

In this PeriodicWrap, we highlight the recently published UK Digital Strategy, an important aspect of which aims to increase not only skills and adoption but to design a higher level of cybersecurity into products and services so it is inherently consumed by users of them.

Interesting in this context, are cases I came across in my recent reading including, Holbrook v Prodomax Automation Ltd, et al, recently filed in a US District Court where the family of a deceased person is reportedly suing the manufacturers and installers of a robot allegedly involved in a fatal industrial robotics incident; and, a set of parties allegedly affected by the consequences of a fraud detection system’s high failure rate that are reportedly suing the IT companies that installed and developed it.

Also of note, AusIndustry has a $2,100 Cybersecurity small business programme grant open (not accepting applications) for cyber security testing provided by CREST ANZ accredited providers. CREST ANZ have a strategic alliance with CREST UK.

In other cyber innovation news, IBM will reportedly soon launch IBM Q – the first commercial Quantum Computing service; and, American armed drone ‘Reaper’ reportedly arrived in Australia recently as the Australian Defence Force, which reportedly already uses drones for intelligence and surveillance, reportedly considers its option for armed versions.

In smart transport developments, Airbus appears to have attracted much attention with its concept drone which, with three components, can allow a driverless car to park, docking its wheelbase, and then be carried by a giant drone to its destination, and vice versa to be driverless-ly driven off again.

On that note, I am very much looking forward to moderating a security wave on SmartTransport at the CSO Perspectives Roadshow in Brisbane March 23rd, 2017

We are also supporting ConnectExpo where CSNs’ network can receive 10% discount using CSNS10 when registering; and, the 6th Annual Australian Fraud Summit also with a 10% discount by quoting WFXCS1.

We are further very excited about the upcoming @CPA_UK International Parliamentary Conference on National Security #Natsec2017 and Cybersecurity day, #CyberParl, with updates to follow.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap

@DrSallyErnst, Moderator #CyberSecurityNetworks

Photography by Mel Messina

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