#PeriodicWrap – 20th February, 2017

Tuesday February 14th, 2017 was quite the day in cybersecurity with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opening of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) London Hub and Australia’s mandatory breach reporting Bill passing the senate.

There has been much going on in the SmartTransport space in the media this past week with passenger drone Chinese prototype HoverTaxi reportedly being trialled in Dubai, where automated transport is the goal by 2030, Israel reportedly trialling its flying car drone with internal rotors; the Australian brumby light sport aircraft now reportedly being manufactured in China; and, the makers of Vesper Scooters reportedly introducing Gita, a robot that, tethered to us wirelessly, can reportedly carry things and has the future potential for unmanned deliveries.

On this note, we are very much looking forward to moderating a security wave at the CSO Perspectives Roadshow in Brisbane 28th March on SmartTransport: http://www.cso.com.au/perspectivesroadshow2017/

In further CyberInnovation reading, I came across Facebook reportedly refining AI algorithms and technology to scan content and help identify terrorists as well as predict things of help and interest; and, further to our 11th December, 2016 #PeriodicWrap coverage of Blippar, which reportedly diversified into Facial Recognition, there is now a ‘shazam’ for plants – ForestXplorer. It also reminded me of the app we covered in our PeriodicWrap 6th November, 2016 that holds nanotech for identifying terrorist threats through nano-sensors in spinach plants.

I further came across this article on Quantum physics, with good descriptions of some core background concepts followed by some interesting questions about consciousness. Just in case you, too, enjoy the thought-provoking read.

Finally, as I sit here and read and write, I thought I would share is this article with ideas for exercising for free. It reminds me of the balance we need to keep in our sometimes all-too-sedentary knowledge work.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap

@DrSallyErnst, Moderator, #CyberSecurityNetworks

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