#PeriodicWrap 14th January, 2017

Happy New Year – wishing you the very best for 2017. This #PeriodicWrap is a bit of a New Year’s bumper edition replete with a Crossword on Phishing.

I came across some interesting military innovations over the break. My favourite of those in the linked article was hard to pick, but I’m going to go with the pseudo satellites. I further came across a BBC article with footage of a mini-drone swarm being released from US jets that was worth watching; as well as an article on Cargo drones called ‘Zips’ that are to be trialled in Tanzania by US start up Zip Line funded by the UK Government.  Zips could transfer blood and other medicines more cost effectively and more quickly. For example, Zips reportedly could bring the time mothers and newborns would need to wait for medicine down from 110 minutes to 19 minutes. With this proliferation of drones, their functionality and cost-effectiveness, reportedly anti-drone tech is on the rise, with drone defences to these anti-drone technologies as the next wave of innovation. Congratulations, too, to SpaceX on its successful launch, satellite deployment, and safe landing on their ‘just read the instructions’ drone ship.

CES 2017 also had some interesting innovations on display and in the news, including Razer’s Project Valerie; and, I came across lie detector robots in my reading, Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real Time (AVATAR), which are reportedly being trialled at US and Canadian customs to filter passengers for further screening.

From AI beer in our #PeriodicWrap of 16th December, 2016 to AI music in this one. In my youth we had, and I too enjoyed, Atari Notator, then Garage Band and now, for lyricists, we have Alysia “Automatic LYrical SongwrIting Application“ the new AI for songwriting, which takes lyrics and puts them to music.

In an illustrative case of the importance of an effective backup plan, even if low tech, manual and inefficient, was demonstrated over the break by London Ambulance, which was successfully able to continue operations with pen and paper – well done.  And, as we think through definitions of life and humanity, I came across an interesting BBC podcast on how bionic eyes could transform sight, and a brief history of bionics more generally.

Further to the G7 policy guidelines released by the UK Government October 2016 and reported on in the 17th October 2016 #PeriodicWrap, the UK Parliament has also launched an enquiry into cybersecurity. In the US, the New York State Department of Financial Services has proposed cyber security requirements for financial services firms  (“New York State Department of Financial Services proposed 23 NYCRR 500 cybersecurity requirements for financial services companies”), reportedly to be finalised and come into effect 1 March, 2017. It’s an easy read and worthwhile read of 14 pages, including signature pages. NIST has also released the 2017 Draft Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Security Version in cybersecurity framework, and France’s right to disconnect signed into law May 2016 came into effect 1st January, 2017.

As I review an article on a reported electricity grid hacking I am reminded fake news is in many places in many forms. A bit like what we would do to verify a suspicious email or message, we need to put an extra step in the process whether to pick up the phone and call someone or seek out legitimate sources. So, too, now with our news, we need to ‘triangulate’ our information. Even a legitimate site may inadvertently propagate fake news, so triangulating information from multiple sources is important and not just from multiple sources who have the same primary source. Communication and collaboration between us, like all things cybersecurity, could be enormously helpful in addressing the problem.

Finally, as promised, the Phishing Crossword – enjoy.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap

Dr Sally Ernst I UK and Australian #CyberSecurityNetworks I info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst I @DrSallyErnst

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