#PeriodicWrap 27th December, 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season regardless the festivity being celebrated and where possible a break. Attached to the blog are a couple of Santa’s I came across out and about.

Over the past week we’ve seen NIST kick off a ‘post-Quantum crypto project’ and also announce a request for nominations for post quantum public key cryptography the US has passed a billto enter cooperative programs with Israel to enhance capabilities in cybersecurity”; and, after walking through a park by the beach and coming too close for comfort to a random someone’s new drone toy, it was heartening to see ‘Drone Rules’ published in the mainstream media and that, reportedly, no, flying drones in the local public park is not ok!

In other news, Solar Team Great Britain is reportedly gearing up for the 3,000km 2017 Australian desert race for solar powered cars, from Darwin to Adelaide; and, as we start to prepare our 2017 Santa bucket list, Lego has released its 2704 piece Porsche 911 GT3 RS with ‘Coffee table book’ reportedly set to retail @ c. £250.

Snapchat has also hit the press a couple of times, firstly reportedly for a coding error in its iPhone app that caused a high amount of traffic to be sent to the Internet’s Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers  , which sync time to desktops, laptops and more. The internet community rallied around with extra servers and chatter etc, and Snapchat released a fix – please keep software updated – the error, but also the fix is in the software update. Snapchat also reportedly purchased VR augmented reality firm Cimagine, which will reportedly become its R&D base in Israel.

Finally, I’m still receiving a fair few random links from friends, colleagues and acquaintances with hacked Skype accounts. We need remember to keep our software, including Skype software, up to date, change our passwords and add 2 factor, which may require an upgrade to Microsoft account if we haven’t already.

I hope those of us celebrating, and/or on break, enjoy the festive season with good friends and family.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap

Dr Sally Ernst I UK and Australian #CyberSecurityNetworks I

info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst I @DrSallyErnst

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