#PeriodicWrap 11th December, 2016

This week, robots continue to be in the news with robot treasure hunters, Subcultron robots, demonstrating wireless underwater communication – ‘ a submarine version of the internet of things’, to my mind akin to an underwater mesh network . There is also a cool advertising model for this article – I don’t believe I had seen this model before: the article is made free to the public by a sponsor , in this case, gratuitous plug for working with New Scientist on the model – Ocado. Well done and I look forward to seeing if the monetisation/ advertising/ sponsorhip model is more broadly adopted – and, of course understanding what of our information, if any, is shared under that model.

Ride hailing continues to heat up with emerging autonomous vehicles players as BMW reportedly enters the pay-per-use transport market, along with the likes of Tesla as covered in our previous #PeriodicWrap 23rd October 2016. In further news, Europe’s ExoMars this week has reportedly been backed for its 2020 mission inclusive of a drill, which it will use in the search for life.

This week also saw the Australian Government announce $31.9m funding over the coming two years, 2016/17-2018/19, for the Cyber Security Growth Centre coming into operation in early 2017 under the brand Australian Cyber Security Growth Network ACSGN. Also in cyber security news this week was that Shamoon, which appeared in Gotcha! as a case, has reportedly been found back in the wild in Saudi Arabia. One of the active ingredients is ‘wiper’ – malware that does what it says on the tin and very securely erases information from hard drives including the master boot record, which is needed to power on the machine. It provides for a destructive attack. As ‘wiper’ is malware, preventing or mitigating malware attacks more generally will also help with this threat. Among these mitigations is the ASDTop4, otherwise compensating controls, and as further highlighted in Gotcha!. Note here that Australian Government entities are measured by ANAO on the ASDTop4 for cyber security – in light of that it is worth reviewing commercialising similarly as an important aspect to consider in our own environments.

The grocery shopping experience may be about to revolutionise with no checkout. Using the app at Amazon Go physical stores reportedly means customers can ‘just walk out’. The first is reportedly to open in Seattle US early 2017. On the Festive Season Gadget shopping front, I came across the 3D doodler this week– self-proclaimed as the world’s first 3D printing pen  –  which I thought was particularly cool. Also as of this week, Shazam for faces appears to now be on the market. Object recognition app Blipper can reportedly now recognise faces in addition to its original application in identifying all sorts of object using the smart phone’s camera.

Finally, I came across an article on Quantum, which opens with a quote from Richard A. Muller “What fraction of what you know that is important is physics?”. At first I read and re-read it substituting for hypothesised grammatical errors. However, on reading through the article, which is well worth the read, it talks to a number of new books out on Physics and discusses whether the mathematical modelling aspects of physics and counterintuitive findings mean that our reality may be explained by other things. It also talks to unifying existing theories and to what extent.

On a side note, we have had a wonderful experience with the Sunshine Coast Region on #SCRIPT – the Sunshine Coast Region Innovation Pipeline Team – as part of the Advance Queensland Regional Innovation Hubs process.  It’s been a privilege to be a part of a powerful experience as government, education, community, business and innovation leaders come together as a multi-stakeholder group to work on fostering innovation in the region, with cyber security considered ground up as part of the innovation process, and an international perspective.





And that’s it for this #PeriodicWrap. Look forward to our next one as the festive season gets well under way.

Dr Sally Ernst I UK and Australian Cyber Security Networks I info@csns.coIhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst I @DrSallyErnst


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