#PeriodicWrap 4th December, 2016

The Internet Society recently released its Global Internet Report 2016: The economics of building trust online: preventing data breaches. It culminates in 5 recommendations including some that reinforce our user-centric approach of communication and collaboration to enhance organisational and supply chain cyber security and disrupt the value derived by criminals through cyber attacks, as well as independent assessment such as our Digital Health Index approach.

I came across an interesting Future of AI article in my reading.  It notes among other things that “the term ‘artificial intelligence’ was “first coined at a landmark conference at Dartmouth University in 1956” and that we already live and work alongside AI. It also refers to our inability to make robots move like humans, however I also came across a U.K. Artist’s CCTV robot, which moves in an uncannily human way. To my mind his work talks to the importance of art and creativity in the sciences and a multidisciplinary approach more generally. The article also shows Eric the Robot from 1928! This robot has now been lost, however the aforementioned UK Artist, Giles Walker, has recreate it and will be showing it next month.

San Francisco’s Muni was hacked this past week. Note, however, the hacker was hacked back by guessing the answers to security questions. As noted in Gotcha! :

  • use answers to security questions that aren’t available on, for example, your facebook or ancestry.com,
  • have offline timestamped backups in your control that you can restore from, and
  • communicate and collaborate with those who may be affected to minimise loss across our legitimate ecosystem while decreasing the value derived from attacks by the illegitimate ecosystem of cybercriminals.

This past week, I also had the great privilege of attending the Bond University Actuarial Science unit’s big data presentations – what a gold mine of talent with demonstrable client engagement and satisfaction capability. Congratulations Dr Adrian Gepp and to your students.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap

Dr Sally Ernst I UK and Australian #CyberSecurityNetworks I

info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst I @DrSallyErnst



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