#PeriodicWrap 27th November, 2016

As we head into European Robotics week, and 77 women in science embark on the largest all-female expedition to the Antarctic, some international communication and collaboration  on Quantum technologies at the Quantum Photonics Connections Conference at University of Sydney is underway.

After reading of Google Brain creating its own encryption, this past week Google Brain announced it created its own language to translate languages “Interlingua”, which they call ‘zero shot translation’.

Also in international news, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged EU countries not to be too restrictive on GDPR to ensure opportunities associated with big data may be capitalised on;  smart Oyster farms are implementing iOT solutions with big data to improve farming outcomes, and, ENISA issued guidelines on Cyber security for Smart Hospitals.

On the critical infrastructure front, Barclays has reportedly started trialling smartphone cash withdrawals leveraging Near-Field Communications (NFC) toward reducing card fraud by avoiding ATM devices that skim money from cards, preventing cards from being returned, and pickpockets stealing pins ‘over the shoulder’ of unwitting ATM users. It has been also reported this past week that Victoria with RMIT is focusing on a Hyperloop prototype for reducing the Sydney to Melbourne commute to 50 minutes, and the Sunshine Coast has approved plans for international airport which will be able to land Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Speaking of which, Boeing last week also unveiled a luxurious Dreamliner for 40 passengers, capable of 17 hours non-stop flight time. The 787 can also be comfortably configured to carry up to 280 passengers. Also in space, the first of four satellites in an $11bn satellite network upgrade was reportedly launched last weekend for weather system monitoring etc – with a high precision camera that decreases imaging time of the hemisphere from 30mins to five minutes, increases wavelengths that can be seen from five to 16, and takes images five times faster with four times better resolution (reuters).

And that is it for this #PeriodicWrap. Have a good week ahead.

Dr Sally Ernst I UK and Australian #CyberSecurityNetworks I info@csns.coIhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst I @DrSallyErnst

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