#PeriodicWrap 21st November, 2016

This has  been a week of youth engagement as, after last year’s announcement, coding and robotics reportedly become compulsory for kids in Queensland,  a year after it was first announced just as some cool coding and robotics toys hit the stores for the festive season. I must say I wish the Competition for Lego that I saw on the news this week was about when I was in Lego competitions at Myer as a kid.

Also in this week’s news, robotic puppy with AI – Miro, which from a scout around has been around for a couple of years, has this past week showcased in London as an alternative to live-in care. And as we start to look to artificial intelligence, we have seen Twitter starting to pay more attention to online abuse, definitions of life being considered under the law ,and Google and Facebook looking to tackle ‘fake news’. We also saw Skype provide a convenience option as Zoom makes the magic quadrant with Gartner.

Google’s latest potentially disruptive innovation has this past week reportedly been released as a photo scanning app, which may be combined with its photo storage, facial recognition, and potentially other, apps . It has also been reported that SpaceX are proposing to build Internet access enabled by space infrastructure, as reportedly are OneWeb and Boeing; and, UQ’s Professor Michael Smart is reportedly looking to ways Australia can re-enter the space race with rockets and scramjets from satellite launch cost reduction to Sunshine Coast to London in 2 hours. Again, I encourage revisiting #PeriodicWrap 25th September, 2016 and the Chatham House Paper on inextricably linked Cybersecurity and Space.

Also in this week’s news, Yale researchers reportedly uncovered a finding that once a state is measured in one place, any superposition cannot sustain in another, which they reportedly state helps researchers understand what is and isn’t possible in developing quantum technologies. To my mind, the finding appears to highlight the capability of spooky action at a distance – important to Quantum key distribution and the new part is developing the formula for working it out– but pls do let me/us know if you have a different view or some that building on it – keen to foster communication and collaboration on this topic.

This week’s news has seen another reason to be careful about the legitimacy of the wifi hotspot we’re connecting to – if it is malicious, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, reportedly malicious wifi hotspot providers could steal your passwords leveraging the radio signals on which they rely from your movements in typing into your smart phone thereby effectively recording keystrokes – called a WindTalker attack. Headline – be careful when connecting to wifi hotspots; and, on that note – also beware of free/ illegitimate software downloads. On the topic of online fraud and cybercrime, however, congratulations in order to the Met’s Online Fraud team on catching some of the cyberbaddies running scams through legitimate online sites; and, while on the smart cities and open data front UK-AU Ellen Broad Open Data expert is talking in Brisbane this week.

On that note, and finally, congratulations to RMIA on a brilliant conference in Melbourne. I will share some pictures as they come up. Congratulations, too, to @F5Networks and @CSO_Australia with @Gemalto and @FireEye at #Anticipate2016 a great day was had and a brilliant line up of fellow panelists. A couple of pics at these links: pic.twitter.com/JVlzrUgU1P . BTW – I found a Bluetooth app key finder called Chipolo in the AFR on the Melbourne to Sunshine Coast leg on Friday.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap

Dr Sally Ernst I UK and Australian #CyberSecurityNetworks I

info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst I @DrSallyErnst

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