#PeriodicWrap 6th November, 2016

As promised, this #PeriodicWrap we have a gadget theme included in honour of festive season preparations. Pls do share any cool gadgets you come across as the ones I’m about to share, while they caught my eye, appear not to be particularly new: including this rif6 mobile projector that is on my wishlist; and, after coming across one at the Innovation Centre, Sunshine Coast (the picture on this blogpost is from the adjacent University of the Sunshine Coast), soccer playing robots; and, through one of my good US friends – Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) or DOT with Google’s November 4th release of its rival product Google Home

As we start to think about our #NoT – Network of Things, we may be reminded of the DDoS attacks rattling around the globe that are enabled by botnets made up of these ‘Things’ that we aren’t protecting from being recruited as attack devices. So, what can we do? A few ideas were mentioned in #PeriodicWrap of 25th September, 2016.  In addition desirably we’d see a higher level of cybersecurity inherent to the product or service we’re using  however, given that approach from vendors is still evolvingwe need to start asking for a higher level of inherent security to the products and services we buy, and keep an eye out for updated firmware and patches to improve the cybersecurity of existing kit.

In the news this week we saw UK’s red phone boxes are reportedly to be replaced with wifi and nanotechnology, further to the 4 wheel drive car of #PeriodicWrap 10th October 2016, continues to integrate our natural, cyber and built environments by reportedly being embedded in plants to detect and communicate threats in our cities from terrorism to our smart phones.

Also on the smarter than smart cities theme, drone detectors are reportedly being trialled in Dubai and at the PacSec 2016 conference, researchers reportedly highlighted how drones can be manipulated with radio-frequency technologies.

Finally, we’re very much looking forward to participating in the upcoming RMIA 2016 National Conference in Melbourne 16th-18th http://rmiaconference.com.au/ – yet another great line up.

Until our next #PeriodicWrap.

Dr Sally Ernst I UK and Australian Cyber Security Networks I

info@csns.co I https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyernst I @DrSallyErnst

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